Is blood donation injurious

,,our doubts are traitors, and make us loose the good we off might win. By fearing to attempt.

               Many of us who cherish the noblest sentiments of sacrifice retreat in situation requiring voluntary blood donation, why many of us do so? The reluctance is entirely due to ignorance because people think that every drop of blood taken from them would be injurious to their health. The general public has no interest or appreciation for this noble act because of ill-conceived fears; many of us have general nervousness, fear of needle or sight of blood. So instance of voluntary blood donation are rare and patients who are seriously ill have to depend upon the blood from professional donors. These professional donors are usually drug addicts. Such blood from poverty stricken and diseased individuals can do more harm than good.

Is blood donation injurious

Following are the various questions which may arise in the mind of any blood donor. Here an attempt is made to answer them in a simple way.

Q. Is it safe to give blood?

A. Yes it is. You are examined physically and, if required a special test is carried out to ensure that you are fit enough to donate blood.

Q. Who can give blood?

A. Any person between the age of 18 and 65, enjoying a good health.

Q. How often can one give blood?

A. After every 3 months or ninety days.

Q. How much blood is taken?

A. About 400ml of blood is taken but amount can be reduced according to weight or the sex of the donor.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Yes, as much as an injection, but this pain of needle can be avoided by physical precautions.

Q. How long the process of donating blood takes?

A. The actual donation takes less than 10 minutes.

Q. Would blood donation have any effect on the health of donor in the long run?

A. The health would not be adversely affected in the way, rather it has been noticed that people have felt healthier and happier after donation.

Q. How long does it take to make up the deficiency of donated blood?

A. Blood is produced in the bone marrow (pulp) of certain bones and in about three week’s time not only the donated amount is restored but also it is produced in excess,

Q. Can a person give blood to each and every person?

A. No, certainly not. The blood of proposed donor and that of recipient are matched by special technique and suit each other, only then donation takes place.

Q. How much rest the donor should take after donation?

A. The donors are advised to remain in bed for only 10 minutes. He should take fresh fruits, vegetables and juices to make up the deficiency of the blood taken from his body. Milk is very important. Along with this the donor should also be mentally and physically satisfied.

                       In the light of above, it is clear that we should donate blood as it is not harmful. It becomes an act of generosity and sacrifice which may safe many lives.

                      And I hope that we are ready to donate blood for the needy person irrespective of cast, colour and creed.   Thank You !



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